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ClearGuard Nano™

Proprietary technology in paint protection film leading in clarity, strength, durability, gloss, and self-healing

Spectra PhotoSync®

Our flagship window film developed with advanced nano-technology, which rejects the most solar radiation (heat) from automobile interiors of any film on the market.

Ceraluxe Quantum Ceramic®

Nano-IR technology borrowed from Spectra PhotoSync and incorporating ceramic composites to create an industry leading window film for solar radiation rejection.


Patent-pending of world’s first and only protective film solution for stone countertops. Etch proof technology eliminates the need to seal your countertops ever again.


Satin surface protection film for honed stone countertops. Not only does it protect the stone from etching, but also enhances the surface sheen.


9 mils thick Anti-fingerprint protective film for Tesla Model S and Model X screens. Sensetouch technology ensures the film does not affect touch screen responsiveness.

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About Us

For over three decades, Prestige Film-Tec has specialized in producing a wide array of mounting tapes, UV transparent thin film, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, and a host of other specialty products. In 2004, under new ownership and partnership, a Strategic Vision was formed. Increased investments into the latest specialty coating machines and a new manufacturing plant in 2006, transformed a new company 35 years in the making.

As a company that built its fundamentals by designing innovative coating technologies into thin PET films, Prestige Film Technologies maintains its contemporary vision of producing state-of-the-art products that are instrumental in its industry. From paint protection film for automobiles to our nano-hydrophilic coated products for marine and home use, our goal is the same – "Absolute Precision" in manufacturing.

Our manufacturing processes create stable and consistent products that directly relates to a lower yield in defects. Prestige Film Tec's dedication to innovation has made us a market leader. Our focus as a company will be on continuing our dominance in the market place by helping you transform your business with cutting edge technology.

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