With the advent of electric vehicles, power consumption increases dramatically when the AC unit is in use. This can zap 3%-5% of the range from electrical vehicles. What if you can dramatically reduce the amount of heat entering the cabin and improve your EV range?

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The most advanced technology in automotive window film comes in our Spectra PhotoSync IRD® Series. Utilizing our patent-pending nano technology, our lines of window films block out more solar radiation than any other film on the market. Achieving IRR (infrared radiation rejection) upwards of 99% through 2200nm, there is no other window tint manufacturer that is able to achieve this.  Total Solar Energy rejection achieved is up to 81% and yet able to retain maximum visibility.


Extreme climates can significantly affect the range in your electric car.  When it is hot, you turn up your AC.  When it is cold, you turn up the heater.  Both can zap the range of your electric car by 5%.  Spectra Photosync IRD® will reduce cabin temperatures in the summer time; thus, allowing for the AC use to be reduced.  During winter months, cold temperatures can cause a range reduction by 35%-40%.  With Spectra Photosync’s heat retention technology, you will retain more heat and use less of your heater to keep the cabin warmer.


The solar spectrum consists of 3 main properties: Ultraviolet, Visible light, and Infrared Rays (IR). IR accounts for 53% of the spectrum, so PhotoSync’s® high 99% IR rejection rate serves as a constant measure of product performance. The technological advances of Prestige’s coatings allows for high performance of Spectra PhotoSync IRD® without the use of any metallics, which means no interference of wireless transmission signals (e.g. GPS, cell signals, radio waves, keyless entry systems, satellite, etc.). PhotoSync® will continuously produce up to 99% IR rejection between 950nm-2200nm and guaranteed to not lose its performance over time.


Spectra PhotoSync®, also rejects 99.5% of ultraviolet rays (both UVA and UVB), which means occupants and the interior components of your vehicle are protected from harmful UV rays.

Gone are the days of using old window tint technologies to protect new technology vehicles. Ask for Spectra PhotoSync® from your local tint installer or visit our Dealer Locator.

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