Image Capture Film® (ICF)


Moving into a digital century, Prestige Film Technologies continue to press forward with innovative products that define a new era of solutions for media and marketing. Image Capture Film® with its unique nano liquid construction, can capture images projected from any current quality projector system. The light sent from the projector system is captured by ICF's liquid crystals and dispersed in all directions within the film in order to capture the video or image. The result is a visually stunning and effective attention grabbing display for various applications.

Thin film technology coupled with breakthrough nano-construction of liquid crystals embedded into this PET based product allows for new marketing campaigns in applications that were thought to be too costly in the past. With ICF's 0.10 millimeters in thickness, the product can be easily installed onto large glass storefronts to capture the attention of anyone walking or driving by the display. From a marketing perspective, ICF would properly utilize unused square footage of glass for promotional purposes at a nominal cost compared to large LCD screens.

Creating a lightweight product is core to Prestige Film Technologies' R&D team. However, developing thin and lightweight film is just one of two elements critical to its success. The end product must also exhibit one key trait to its success – high definition in clarity. ICF's adhesive is coated with the most advanced coating processor, which creates a clear and undistorted film that is capable of capturing images and videos with exacting definition. Coupled with high resolution images projected, ICF will not distort the clearest of images even in 1080p.

ICF can also be cut and designed in all shapes possible. The range is endless when it comes to ICF's application, which allows for displays to come to life in a dynamic multi-media fashion.

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