Detailed Designs Auto Spa
Conyers, GA

"Something that has resonated within me since starting to do business with Prestige Film Technologies has been their vision for the future. Simply put, their vision for the future aligns with my own and can be summed up without the need for pomp and circumstance; excellence. While that word is simple and can be thrown around, to actually meet the criteria and live up to its definition is not a simple task.

ClearGuard Nano SR paint protection film stands up to my rigorous expectations for excellence… and if it pleases me, it is absolutely guaranteed to please my valued clients. And to me, pleasing my own clients is the bottom line.

To date, Prestige Film Technologies has supported my own vision for excellence and I know that our bond is founded upon that co-operative vision. When this vision is coupled with industry-leading thickness and protection, unsurpassed clarity and it's incredible topcoat, the best solution for my clients and I is crystal clear. This is why out of all paint protection films on the market, our #1 choice is ClearGuard Nano SR."

Jean-Claude Corcoran
Detailed Designs Auto Spa


Premier Protective Films Intl., Inc.
Fremont, CA

“We have been in the window tint and paint protection film business since 1997 and have a broad view of how various manufacturers behave.  Most manufacturers really only carry about their bottom line so we are always wary of who we buy from and how long our relationship can really last.  It is a cynical view of things, but experience have taught us to be this way.  Prestige Film Technologies have proven they are an exception to this rule.

Our success in the services we provide comes from our focus on being the “best” we can be, yet realizing where our competitors are so that we can stay far far ahead of them.  From the time we met Prestige Film Technologies in 2007, our relationship has blossomed as they share very similar attributes and characteristics that we hold dear to our hearts. 

We have worked on multi-million dollar window film projects in the commercial sector to performing paint protection film installations on $5 million dollar cars.  When our competitors cannot supply demanding customers with proper installations, we always get their phone calls.  Installation expertise is the #1 factor our clients use us.  We then rely on a company like Prestige to provide us with the best products on the market such as ClearGuard Nano, Spectra PhotoSync, and CeraLuxe Quantum Ceramic.  Our clients leave here with their pride and joy well protected and extremely happy with the results.

On product technology, Prestige is way ahead of the game.  We have seen them continually improve their products within 1-2 years time.  There are tint manufacturers out there that have not changed their products for 15+ years!  Their top down approach is apparent and very well run.  Rarely do we openly promote a manufacturer; so, it says a lot when we at Premier step up and give Prestige Film Technologies a big thumbs up on product innovation and customer service.

Wilson Yu
Premier Protective Films


Autodetailer Studio
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ClearGuard Nano SR has been nothing short of exceptional for us. It’s quite simply the most remarkable paint protection film we’ve ever had. There’s a clarity and gloss to the film that makes each of the cars we’ve installed look outstanding. And our clients love it! We’ve experienced the evolution of the product from its early days and the constant upgrades and improvements by Prestige Film Technologies have proven their commitment in manufacturing and developing the best paint protection film in the market!

Darren Chang Technical Director
AutoDetailer Studio