ClearGuard Alpha™ – Next Gen Nano Tech Paint Protection Film

The most advanced paint protection film on the market with features and technological advancements that far exceed any other product on the market. ClearGuard AlphaTM (CGA) has our patent-pending plasma memory system in which self-healing from light scratches will recover without any external triggers. All of today’s paint protection films require some form of heat source such as a heat gun or hot water to activate their self-healing function. We believe this is impractical. To be realistic, who has a heat gun readily available or who would pour hot water onto their entire car in order to get the self-healing to begin working? Our team of engineers sought out to advance ClearGuard AlphaTM’s technology to fulfill all of the voids in the paint protection film industry. The results are comprehensive and we guarantee all of the following.

Unmatched Self-Healing Technology

No heat is required and self-healing from minor scratches will perform at minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit. All other films need to reach temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit to work.

Liquid Gloss

Combined with our industry leading clarity, our proprietary technology includes the highest gloss factor, leaving the finish of your paint better than factory.

CLEARGUARD Alpha™ (LEFT) VS. Competitor’s Film (RIGHT)

Ultimate Clarity

Advanced optically clear adhesive system designed to assist installers to produce work that have fewer distortions. The goal is uncompromised clarity.

Best Chemical Resistance

Hard water, bug guts, solvents, and other harmful contaminants can leave etch marks on other films – ClearGuard Alpha™ is more resistant to etchings & stains.

Super Hydrophobicity

ClearGuard Alpha™ is the first paint protection film on the market with a Super-Hydrophobic top-coat. This feature includes a high liquid repellant surface, which makes the film easy to wash and difficult for contaminants to attach to the film.


  • 1. Unmatched Self-Healing Technology
  • 2. Highest Gloss Factor
  • 3. Ultimate Clarity
  • 4. Super-Hydrophobicity
  • 5. Best Chemical Resistance
  • 6. Tested and Approved by the best installation facilities in the world.

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