CarboniteHD is our latest addition to mobile electronic devices. As part of a growing line in our graphics series, CarboniteHD is created with a carbon fiber finish. Our design division formed the vinyl to closely replicate actual carbon fiber with specific distinctions in the weaves.

Conventional films are known to trap air pockets, which can be unsightly. Our AirTrak adhesive design allows for systematic airflow, which prevents air pockets from forming. This technology helps make this an easy do-it-yourself project in just minutes. More importantly this is a dry application. Some products on the market require water application, which can result in costly water damage to any electronic device. Water or liquid damage is not covered under manufacturers' warranties.

Restyling your device with CarboniteHD also comes with one other benefit. CarboniteHD has a scratch resistant feature that can minimize damage from scratches and daily wear to your electronic device. CarboniteHD comes ready for installation per your popular device.

*Inquire with your dealer regarding Prestige Ceraluxe Quantum Ceramic®!

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